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WoW - Wretchedly Obtuse World

I fucking hate WoW…

Normaly, I don’t really like to rant…oh hell who am I kidding, I love to rant.

But this made me kind of angry, I found out recently two or three more people have been sucked into that stupid online game, hence why I haven’t seen them in awhile. Now, I’m hardly one to complain about people being away, I’m away so often myself leaving people to wonder where I am. But I’m off having a LIFE at least, looking for work, getting exercise, helping mom out with stuff around the house as dads off doing contract work. I’m so utterly sick of people neglecting their friends over this game, back when my frusona was an orc, I last every single solitary person I chatted to online because of that game, as they played orcs too. Am I bitter? Hell YES I’m bitter, should I be? Most likely not, but when people start valuing a dumbass made up world more then they value their friends feelings…then I’m sorry, you’re despicable excuses for human beings who should be run over by a soccer team all wearing cleats…

*sighs, growling angrily* god I hate how insensitive people can be, I’ve lost more friends over tat game then anything I’ve ever said and done in all my years of knowing people and getting snappy at them from time to time. Makes me wonder what the point of improving myself is, if it’s not one thing driving people away, it’s another…

Anyway…*tires to calm a little* I’m sorry, I wish it didn’t bother me so, and make me feel so angry, but it really, really does. Doesn’t one singular solitary person who plays stuff like that realize or care that there’s someone missing them, talking to them? No…I suppose it never even occurred to them…god forbid

You WoW people suck.

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