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Forgotten rose

I didn't want to back peddle on feeling a bit better after the few hard weeks I've had, wanted to go on feeling good. But truth be told, I felt rather depressed this morning in light of everything that's happened recently. Even learning what a thoughtless and manipulative person the one who I felt so strongly for was from someone else who he hurt didn't soothe away my depression over this as much as I thought it had originally. But rather then posting another long sad journal, which I'm getting rather tired of (as I'm sure you all are too) I composed this poem. When I came to the end, which just seemed to flow naturally, I felt a lot better again.

*The tiger timidly holds up the poem, before lumbering off to go and talk with some people to get his mind off things.*

A cold dark chill starts to creep up my spine
like a specter, a phantom, you enter my mind
I didn't give you invitation, didn't seek your memory out
but you came none the less, instilling such doubt
Did I do right by you, could I have done better?
I've done wrong before, I've said so in letters
I still blame myself, why else could it be?
When I loved you so much, how could you leave me?

I don't want to think of you, no thoughts in me to linger
But you've enthralled my attention, I'm wrapped around your finger
and though I know it's over, known it for awhile
I still long for days past, when you made me smile
You left people before me, so I'm not the first
And though this is the truth, I still feel the worst
You cheated on those who loved you, tore their insides out
how could you be so heartless, such an unfeeling lout?
Why would you go back to someone who treats you like trash
when you had those already who treated you like fine china glass
I thought you were my soul mate, others felt it too
what inspires you to be so callouse, who put this need into you?

So now I go day to day, seeking comfort in those who I love
trying to get over the belief, that you were sent from above
Trying no to break down and cry, for one I held so close
trying to ignore the pain, pain of your memories ghost
Though I know in my heart, you yourself are hurting too
you brought about your own pain, I feel no sorrow for you
You'll be a lonesome creature, filled taut with despair
when you run out of bedmates, and people who pretend that they care
Those who truly love you forgotten, in the light of your lust
As you shatter their dreams, as you derail their trust
Soon, you'll have neither, no love or friend to dispose
And you'll decay by yourself, like a forgotten rose
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