Da Boz (da_boz) wrote,
Da Boz

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Heart of glass

I miss my kitty
how can I express
how much I yearn for him
through so much unrest
every day I think of him
as the hours and days pass
it makes a man grow weary
of his heart made of glass
I wish I wasn't so fragile
That Ii could weather each storm
and at times I am wishing
a heart of stone were I born
with a heart made of stone
I'd be so much stronger, so tough
I'd not fall to pieces
when things became rough
I'd not let the tears flow
over small insignificant transgressions
I'd not loose my temper
over paranoid obsessions
so, now as I wait
for his heart to heal
I try so very hard
to just ignore what I feel
To wait for him to come to me
instead of the other way 'round
because it's so difficult
when a soul mate I've found
I hope he still loves me
as he knows I love him
and I hope with a new year
a stronger relationship will begin

...I miss you kitty.
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