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Gah, my face is gonna explode...

Hey Gang

Well, I guess it's time for an update on how I am, with the job and...well everything.

Not sure ho to start, you'll have to forgive me as my sinuses are really bothering me this morning, having a hard time concentrating. If I didn't know better I'd swear the meds the doctor prescribe me the second time I had to see here about this stupid problem were only making it worse, as my whole face feels horrible...

But anyway, my griping aside, I'm very sorry to report the job didn't work out for me. I was putting off saying anything about this for fear of disappointing everyone, because, well...everyone seemed to happy for me. But due to the hours, and the people being utterly wretched to me (I was near tears at least one night but I'm a fragile crybaby what can I say :-p) I just couldn't see sticking with it. Plus I was getting in my old habit of snapping at people left and right and I didn't want to go through all THAT again, so...anyway I left, and actually been feeling quite better (well, with the exception of these sinuses, jeez...feels like there's a boulder on my entire face.) But...a little sad as I won't have as much money as I was hoping for for Christmas. Oh well...fourth one in a row I've been broke I'm getting kind of used to it.

In other news, all my Christmas cards are just about sent, all on their way, hoping they arrive before Christmas. I think I sent well over 30 to various furs I know well, and others that I don't really know at all but who wanted a card anyway, heh. So I thought, well hey, it's Christmas, I got a box of over 32 cards...several actually, cards for everybody! In each card I attempted to try and draw the persons fursona, or if they didn't have one (or I was just feeling lazy the time I was doing the card) I drew Boz. Some of the later cards even have hand painted water color images...I was feeling creative that night, so I hope the earlier card recipients won't feel stiffed. I don't think I've ever sent out so many cards in all my life, maybe one or two tops, but mostly for associates, never friends so...anyway, despite being congested half the time that was a lot of fun. I've gotten 5 in return so far which I'm really over the moon about, as I was only expecting maybe one or two returned tops.

This Christmas hasn't bee too bad, it's gone better then last year despite all the sinus troubles, as then in '05 I was dealing with a lot of upper back problems. I still am now but they're no big concern these days, just a mild annoyance now and then. Last night I went to a whole uh...hm, how to describe this, well a Christmas activity with my former supervisor at the library I used to work. It was a museum of sorts, but not a regular one, it was a museum of old houses in and old village type setting, with real buildings dating back from the 18th and 19th century. Very cool...well, for lame furs like me who're interested in that type of crap. Anyway, they had actors in various houses and shops playing out scenes from the era before, during, and after the civil war. Was quite good, i can remember we went to this in '04 as well and the acting was horrid. I want to give the people credit I know they were trying, but...ugh, it was so forced, it sounded like they were reading from a book in school that they found really dull and were feigning enthusiasm about it. This year wasn't like that, very realistic...

I haven't one much else in Christmas activities, haven't been into watching those Christmas videos as much as I normally am, I find myself just watching 'Mystery Science Theater' all the time...hehe, I must have watched 'red zone cuba' at least 50 times and I still laugh when crow comments after one of the actors who says “we must not be caught on the beach...” then crow adds, in a very gay voice “...especially with my thighs” I just laugh and laugh...I love that show, wish I could afford some of the dvds, my videos are getting so worn the sounds all warbled.

Anyway, I think that's it for updates until after Christmas, I'll certainly be back bitching about how little I received again (mom spoiled me way back in the Christmas of '95, and I still haven't gotten over how minuscule my hauls have been since then...)

Yes I'm a spoiled brat among many other things, I admit it.

Anyway, if I don't talk to you before the big day, Merry Christmas all.

All my love

-Da Boz
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