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So little

Sometimes I'm feeling lonely
emptiness consumes my soul
and as the tears spill down my face
I simply lose control
I turn to those I love
little comfort do I find
though I know they try and give it
I'm still lonely in my mind
I find it hard not to get angry
at the world and the people nearby
yet when I push them away
I can only hate myself and cry
I give so much to everyone
as much as I have to spare
yet only a very small number
ever seems to care

I know you get depressed
I know you feel sad too
yet it should mean something
when I say that I love you
I try so hard to comfort you
so little it appears to mean
sometimes I just have to get away
before I start to scream
I'm always just an irritation
a thorn in everyones side
I simply can not face it
that's why I choose to hide...

and cry...and worry...and love you...and miss you

So little it appears to mean
I just can't help but scream.
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