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you might have been curious

I feel I should update this with something...though I've had little ambition to speak much on here since my last journal. One which I have to apologize for if I haven't already...I am very sorry about it. Hopefully that'll be the last time I make a journal like that.

Yes, it will be.

What to say about the past couple of weeks, what to say...I guess the big news right now is I'm gearing up for Christmas, I always get rather excited about that holiday. I put up quite a few trees in my room, and decorate them all. Snowmen, Lights, garlands...my room becomes a virtual wonderland for Christmas. It takes a lot of work though and I'm thinking of simplifying it a bit this year since, well believe it or not it usually takes me all of January to take everything down in the house since I do all the decorating.

To give you a good idea of the enormity of what I do I'll show you some pics from last year sometime this month, I just feel too lazy to resize and upload them right now.

The job search carries on, been filling out applications like madtiger, trying to get that holiday job. So far no luck, and I'm really hoping to find one so I can save up for some trips I'd like to take. Or, one particular trip I'd like to take anyway *purrs, swishing his tail hopefully* I've found that this year, I've lost a lot of interest in material things. I love to collect action figures and plushie and...well TONS of stuff, but I think what I want most now is to get out there and meet people. To just have friends beyond messenger windows, and I will. If it means selling a good portion of my collections, that's fine. Possessions are replaceable, besides, if I'm ever too move to find a better economy for work it's the only way I can really do it.

Lately I haven't been feeling much like talking on messenger though, with the exception of a few very special people, or person rather. I kind of miss being in the mood to talk to folks, but lately it's just gotten so hard to hide what I'm really feeling from some people. And the last thing I want to do is burden people with my woes if I can't find the strength to push them aside. Besides, around this time of year I always become absent, focusing on holiday stuffs. I'll also be rather absent from FA too, getting kind of tired of stuff I've been putting up with there anyway and I need a break from it. I won't go into a whole rant about it because there's no point, and I don't really feel like it, but I probably won't be as active there until sometime next year.

Well folks, that's it for now really, just spending this weekend taking down more Halloween junk and, well doing tiger-ish things. Heh, you all take care folks

*big tiger hugs all around, purring pleasantly*

I love being a tiger so damn much...on a lighter note, do you realize how much more frisky I am lately? Damn, this fursona fits me like a very snug and arousing speedo...

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